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The Duo Live 1976 + 1990

Live 1976

1. Pablo’s Story (D. Liebman) 15:21
2. Satya Dhwani (D. Liebman)  6:19
3. Repeat Performance (D Liebman) 7:43
4. Your Lady (J. Coltrane) 9:24
5. Forgotten Fantasy (D. Liebman) 13:42
6. Lookout Farm (D. Liebman) 15:47
7. India (J. Coltrane) 14:29
8. Leaving (R. Beirach) 14:29
9. Slumber (D. Liebman) 16:3
10. D.L. (R. Beirach) 5:43
11. Napanoch (D. Liebman) 12:37 

Live in Europe 1990

1. The Blessing of the Old Long Sound (D. Liebman) 7:05
2. Invocation (D. Liebman) 33:48
3. Constellation (D. Liebman) 8:40
4. The Code's Secret Code / D.L. (D. Liebman/ R. Beirach) 18:32

Live in New York 1990

1. The Blessing of the Old Long Sound (D. Liebman)  3:49
2. The Code's Secret Code (D. Liebman) 15:35
3. Constellation (D. Liebman)  4:23
4. Invocation (D. Liebman) 28:06

David Liebman: soprano sax, tenor sax, alto flute
Richard Beirach: piano

Mastered by Walter Quintus
Produced for release by Kurt Renker

Musically, it is in the duo context where Richie and my musical interests are most discernible. In this setting a musician is completely exposed both musically and emotionally having only each other to rely upon for inspiration and ideas. The duo has always served as the measuring stick of our evolution and concepts, focused at any given point of our several decade history upon whatever material was being explored at the time. The first two CDs from 1976 revolve around our original compositions which were also played by Lookout Farm in the quartet setting, but of course with completely different approaches for the duo. As well, there is a nod to the master, John Coltrane, for two 1976 selections. The 1990 CDs were performed immediately before we went our separate ways for fifteen years concentrating on contemporary harmonic underpinnings and free textures with a taste of ethnicity.

Dave Liebman

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