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Welcome to liebarchive.com

With the demise of an organized record business, it has become virtually impossible for historic recordings to be heard. The artists I have collaborated with over nearly 50 years in the jazz business is quite impressive and representative of the history of our music in this period, leading me to compulsively gather all the tapes I could over the years. 

For most jazz musicians there is a significant difference between live and studio recordings, hopefully not qualitatively, but in terms of energy and inspiration. Especially in jazz, multiple takes of a song are of interest because they can and often do differ so much from each other. It goes without saying that the sound quality on some of the tracks is less than desirable but we feel the music itself in most cases takes precedence. 

The internet has been a curse and a blessing in the following respect. Obviously the easy accessibility provided by the web has relegated the business of producing and selling recordings to the so-called "dustbins of history" as the cliché goes. On the other hand, hearing music without having to be physically present has been a fact of life since the advent of radio, but now it is possible to hear almost anything from anywhere on the planet, from any date, etc. 

So with the help of one of my long term associates, Kurt Renker (who ran one of the best small record companies several decades ago, CMP Records), we are making my archives available for download purposes. 

This site will list some live and unreleased studio recordings that I have compiled over the years, some dating back decades while other releases are new. They are all available for online download at this time. (Note: This is not a download web site in itself, just a listing and description of what is available through sites like iTunes, Amazon, Googleplay and Finetunes, etc.) 


Dave Liebman

Latest Releases:

Dave Liebman & Richie Beirach - Beyond Words
QUEST - Live 2008
Liebman Swallow Nussbaum - We 3 Live

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