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QUEST Live 1988 + 1991

Quest Live 1988

1. Pendulum  (R. Beirach) 16:25
2. The Code's Secret Code  (D. Liebman) 15:44
3. The Hollow Men / Third Visit (D. Liebman) 24:37
4. Elm  (R. Beirach) 17:52

Quest Live 1991 - Standards

1. On Green Dolphin Street (Washington / Kaper) 16:12
2. Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise (S. Romberg / O. Hammerstein) 15:13
3. After The Rain (J. Coltrane) 11:54
4. Footprints  (W. Shorter) 17:22
5. Green Dolphin Street (Washington-Kaper) 10:09
Quest Live 1991 - Originals

1. Gargoyles (R. Beirach) 17:32
2. Carissima (D. Liebman) 12:50
3. Napanoch (D. Liebman) 14:44
4. The Hollow Men (D. Liebman) 13:25
5. Redemption (B. Hart) 11:05
6. Pendulum  (R. Beirach) 13:04
7. Constellation / Rectilinear (R Beirach) 13:57
8. Pablo's Story (D. Liebman) 16:18
9. Tender Mercies (D. Liebman) 12:19
10. Redemption (B. Hart) 17:47

David Liebman: soprano sax
Richard Beirach: piano
Ron McClure: bass
Billy Hart: drums

Mastered by Walter Quintus
Produced for release by Kurt Renker

Quest Live by Dave Liebman

By the mid 1980's Richie and I found the dream bass /drum team in Ron McClure and Billy Hart. These were peers with a massive amount of experience and familiarity concerning what we both valued so much in jazz. The group's main inspiration stemmed from the feeling of the music we heard in the 1960s exemplified by the groups of Miles Davis and John Coltrane---spontaneity, intensity and lyricism with a deep commitment to group dialogue. Every track here represents a unique voyage into a musical space defined uniquely by the four of us. This is truly GROUP music.

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