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LOOKOUT FARM Live 1974 + 1975

Live 1974

1. Fireflies (F. Tusa)   11:18
2. MD/Dream Tigers (D. Liebman /R. Beirach)   40:19
3. Your Lady (J. Coltrane)   6:54
4. Lookout Farm (D. Liebman)   19:25

Live 1975

1. Fireflies (F. Tusa)11:16
2. Within You Without You (G. Harrison)10:36
3. Mitsuku (R. Beirach)   7:31
4. The Call (D. Liebman) 9:41
5. Leane (D. Liebman)  4:17 
6. The Iguana's Ritual (D. Liebman) 13:55
7. Eighty-One (vers.1) (M. Davis / R. Carter) 6:38
8. Repeat Performance (D. Liebman) 12:40
9. Moti Mahal (D. Liebman) 7:46
10. Eighty-One (vers.2) (M. Davis / R. Carter) 5:09
11. Zulu Stomp (D. Alias) 13:27
12. Lover Man (R. Ramirez / J. Davis) 25:08
13. A Night In Tunisia (D. Gillespie)  25:08
14. Pablo's Story (D. Liebman) 16:19
15. Slumber (D. Liebman) 12:09
16. Leaving (R. Beirach) 10:13
17. Your Lady (vers. 2) (J. Coltrane) 14:45
18. Lookout Farm (D. Liebman) 13:52

David Liebman: soprano sax, tenor sax, percussion
Richard Beirach: piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano
Frank Tusa: electric and acoustic bass
Jeff Williams
: drums
Todd Barkan: percussion (Live 1975 only)

Mastered by Walter Quintus
Produced for release by Kurt Renker


Unquestionably, the specific influences which led to the band’s formation and style derived from the music of the John Coltrane Classic Quartet and my apprenticeship with Miles Davis in the ‘70s, playing music referred to as the “On the Corner” sound. This was the time of fusion where jazz musicians versed in bebop, post bop, modalism and free jazz were turning to rock and funk rhythms as a resource as well as electronic and synthesized textures with shades of “world” music. It was a truly eclectic period meaning a typical set might have an acoustic rendering of a standard ballad like “Lover Man” played next to a tune featuring a roaring funk oriented back beat feel with electric piano and electric bass, followed by an Indian sounding line featuring tablaist Badal Roy and myself on flute. There were no holds barred and Lookout Farm unabashedly performed in this manner as revealed on these live recordings. This is definitely music of a particular time period.

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